Thursday, 1 May 2014

Iron Enriched Bath Water

We live in a remote area without electricity. We have some solar panels so that we can charge electronics. We have a gas powered fridge and oven. We have a generator so that we can pump water into a tank from a nearby well. Life is very peaceful out here, and we have many of the comforts of the western world. Some things, though, are great reminders of where we are. 

Here is our bath water. We heat water by lighting a fire under a very old donkey (iron barrel). What you see is not dirt from our son (though I won't deny he gets dirty after playing in our yard!). It's sediment, rust and iron tinted water. It may not look too pleasant, but it does come with benefits. My current pregnancy is the first one in four pregnancies where my blood work has shown iron levels in the normal range. :)

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