Sunday, 4 May 2014

House photos. 'Before".

The lounge room
What does a typical house look like in rural Mozambique? Not like our house! This house was beautifully built by colleagues twelve years ago. We moved into this house in November 2013. Here are photos from the first week or two of being here...
The kitchen
The kitchen, new angle
Our bathroom (yes, two bathrooms!!)
The girls' room

Our bedroom
Ambrose's room

Since these photos were taken, we've received a crate with some furniture, bought or made beds, made curtains, painted a little, etc. We have by no means finished the work, so the "After" photos are yet to come. There is however, quite a difference in the rooms now, so I'm almost ready to put some "Work in progress" photos up. I've just got to pick up a bit so that I can take photos of an orderly house and pretend that it's always that way :)

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