Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Naming Babies

In the culture where we live, parents don't always name their own babies. Often the parents choose someone to give their baby a name a few days after the baby is born. Our friends have told us that the husband chooses someone (usually from his family) to name the first child and the wife chooses someone for the second child, for the third child the husband chooses again, and so on.

My friend and grandmother of this little girl gave me the privilege of naming her unmarried daughter's first baby. I felt it quite a responsibility. After much prayer and thought, I settled on Noemi. I was inspired by a colleague's little girl who was dramatically healed by God. Noemi is also the portuguese name for Naomi, and we always love Bible names (found in the book of Ruth). When I presented the name to the family on the baby's 2nd day of life, the great-grandmother said, "That's not hard to say."

I hope that meant she was happy with the name :)

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