Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Selfy Discoveries

Some things that strike us when we re-enter the western world are new trends and technological advances. For instance, while my sister was driving us home from the airport in Australia, her phone rang. In Australia, it's against the law to touch your phone while driving, so she simply pushed a button on her stereo to answer the call and I got a shock to hear my father's voice pumping from the car speakers. Pretty nifty, huh.

A new trend that we discovered (though perhaps it's not so new), was the 'selfy'. Everywhere you walk people are using their smart phones to take selfies. Going to Big W? Let's take a selfy. Going to the chocolate shop? Let's take a selfy. Finished an exam? Let's take a selfy. It's like a journal in pictures.

This particular selfy will always remind me of our trip to the shops where this mum of four forgot to bring nappies for her son :) Happy days. 

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