Thursday, 13 November 2014


About two weeks before we had Anastasia we found out that my father has cancer. I can't tell you the things that went through my head that day, but I know "No, not now, not yet" was certainly one of them. We all know that the day will come when we lose our loved ones, but it never prepares you for the news that the day is closer than you ever wanted it to be.

My father. A kind and generous man, who stands by his convictions, no matter the cost. He loves the Lord, loves to sing, loves to play jokes on you, loves to get a rise out of you, loves to show magic tricks to his grandchildren.

His grandchildren. That's one of those things when you live in a far away land. My children's moments with their grandparents are few and far between. When the news of my father's illness fell, the sadness of them missing out on all the precious moments they could have made with their Grandpa was overwhelming. So we were overjoyed when the Lord gave us the opportunity to go back to Australia for a good long while to say our goodbye's to Grandpa.

The month leading up to our arrival in Australia, Grandpa was in and out of hospital and things were not looking good. But, in the Lord's kindness and in answer to lots of prayer, Grandpa was in amazingly good health for the duration of our visit. This meant that our children got to make lots of fun memories with Grandpa in their last moments with him. Do you remember that time we went on the flying fox with Grandpa there? Do you remember going to the beach with Grandpa? Do you remember when he taught you that magic trick with the golden ring? Do you remember singing Bumble Bee with Grandpa? And what our little ones won't remember in person, we have made up for with plenty of photos of them playing with Grandpa.

It was a precious time in Australia, a painful goodbye, yet we left full of thanks for the memories we made, and full of hope for the memories we will make in the future, when we meet under the light of our glorious Lord in heaven, never to say goodbye again.

We love you, Grandpa.

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