Friday, 13 January 2012

Winter projects

Warning: Knitting is addictive! I've tried my hand at a few more things since my first knitting project, the tea cosy. Project #2 barely made it to the blog - I made a coffee cup cosy to practise what is called cable knitting (the twisted strands below). I discovered that I need to practise the basics of knitting a bit more to improve at the more adventurous stitches!

Winter project #3 was learning crochet. I made this easy head band and flower that I would like to name "the popsy daisy"...that is, if it was my own idea. But, alas, I stole the instructions from here and here. I would name it so, because you can pop off one flower, and pop on another. Pretty cool, huh?

The above head band was wrapped in that pink tissue paper and given to Eliana's friend for her 2nd birthday. I liked it so much that I made one for Lilah. Look at her sweet face. I get the privilege of planting a million kisses on those pudgy cheeks every day.

Winter project #4 was to practise the basic knitting stitch while making a coffee press (plunger) cosy for my love. I couldn't help but add in a new colour and practise what I think is called Intarsia knitting, or perhaps it's called Fair Isle (adding a pattern or picture with a different yarn). The heart can either represent my love for Nate, or his love for coffee :).

These projects are all being achieved because the girls go to bed at 7 and Nate and I have declared January to be a no tv/movie month, with the exception of a few Grid Iron/American Football finals. We are loving it so far!

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