Monday, 8 August 2011

The PeaPod

I would like to recommend one of the most useful gifts we've been given. The Lakelins gave us a PeaPod, pictured below. It is an easily transportable 'tent' for infants and toddlers to sleep in. It has already come in handy many times and I'm sure that number will soon turn into countless times. It is very light, easily folds into the size of a large frisbee, comes with a self inflating mattress, and pops open into it's full size in about 3 seconds!

We have used it for Lilah to nap/sleep in while travelling, for Eliana (who loves it) to sleep in when we stay late at a friend's place, and for shade cover and protection from the sand for Lilah while at the beach in Michigan.

Thanks so much, Lakelins! It gives smiles all round!

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