Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Peach pickin'

There is a neat farm about 40 minutes from Louisville called Hubers. They grow all their fruit in season and allow people to come out and pick it fresh from the trees/vines. We made a trip out the other day during peach picking time.

Fruit tastes sooo good when ripened on the tree! Buni, below, thoughtfully decided to coordinate his t-shirt with the peaches for photos :)

Eliana had a ball on the tractor and running up and down the rows of peach trees. She also loved keeping me on my toes as I tried to prevent her from putting rotten peaches from the ground in our fruit box! Thankfully her Aunty Jael was around to help do some chasing :)

Jael and her brother, David, from Switzerland, won the prize for best fruit finders.

A lot of people pick boxes of peaches to make pies, jams, tarts and other wonderful creations that I can't think of right now. All of our peaches are destined for our freezer and eventually for peach smoothies.

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