Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chocolate Strawberry Rainbow Cake

When I asked Eliana what kind of cake she'd like for her birthday, she was quite certain that she wanted a chocolate strawberry cake, probably inspired by the one I recently made for Anastasia. Unfortunately, our strawberry supply has dramatically slowed down. So I searched the internet for ideas. That reminded me that we just don't have a lot of options out here. Sprinkles? Nope. Kit-Kats? Dreaming. Fondant? Haha, good one! 
But when searching through my sweet stash, hiding in the very bottom corner I found a small packet of m&ms that someone had brought us from South Africa. (When Nate found out he informed me that if he'd known about it they'd be long gone.) Upon assessing the assortment of colors in the packet I realized it could just make out a rainbow using every m&m (minus one orange one that Nate snuck on his way past.) Do they plan that during packaging?  
Needless to say, Eliana LOVED the cake and told me that it was even better than what she was thinking and that I was like a piece of delicious chocolate birthday cake myself. (Love those descriptive lessons in homeschooling!) Thank you, Lord, for sweet surprises found in the bush of Africa. 

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