Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Scorpion Season

It would seem that with the dry season come scorpions. I killed five in our house in a week. This is another one. It was (thankfully dead) in the washing machine after I did a load. They seem to like the pile of clothes in our bathroom…

Thankfully, none of us have been stung, but it's been close. Nate almost backed into one in the shower and Anastasia crawled right past one. I'm reminded of a dear group of ladies in Louisiana who laid their hands on us and prayed for many things, including our protection from snakes and scorpions. Thank you for those ladies, Lord!

You can see from the photo that the scorpions are quite small, but in Indiana Jones (which I'm sure is a Top Authority on such things :), it says that the smaller they are the worse the sting. May we never find out if this is true!

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