Saturday, 6 June 2015


Last month we went on a trip to Zambia, to South Luangwa game park and then on to Victoria Falls. I would highly recommend both parks. South Luangwa was full of up close animals and Victoria Falls, well, it takes your breath away. On the trip as a whole, elephants became my new favorite animal. We saw them everywhere! How can such a huge animal be so gentle! 

It was cool seeing them on safari

This one mock charged us and trumpeted at us. It felt like the ground shook!

But it was even cooler when we had to move to a different lunch table when some walked too near us.

And when we had to be escorted to our room because one was munching by the pool.

It was cool seeing them walk past our tents at a distance...

But even cooler when one lumbered out from the trees behind our tent while we were having a picnic and we had to run for a safe distance! What a beautiful animal!

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