Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cast iron bread

We don't have an oven at our house (no electricity) so it's time for me to be creative with cooking. Here's a summary of our first experiment:

Some Brazilian friends sold us their cast iron pot before they returned home and i'd heard you could cook bread in one somehow. So, I googled bread/fire/cast iron and found a recipe on a camping site.

We heat up water using fire under a boiler so we shoved the bread dough under the boiler and hoped for the best.

It didn't turn out too badly. It wasn't crusty (I don't think our coals were hot enough) but it was nice and spongy, light and fresh. We had it for dinner, dipping it in olive oil, basil, salt and balsamic vinegar, with carrot sticks, tomato, and apple slices on the side.

Simple yet satisfying. The "dip dip" factor made it a hit with our darlings...

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Anonymous said...

Great news - the new home has a wonderful view! The bread looks really good!!
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to you both, Nate and Jenni!! Hopefully you can enjoy your birthdays - with a little fun celebration! We love you all!!
Mom & Dale