Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lichee season

One benefit of living in the centre of town is that we get people coming to our gate selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Lichees are coming out this time of year. I asked these men where they get their lichees. 

They get up at 5am, ride their bikes for over an hour to a place that has lots of lichee trees, buy lichees from a seller, then ride their bikes back to Quelimane with the produce. They then go from house to house in the hot sun asking if people want to buy anything. Not a bad days work, hey? Lichees are currently selling for $2.50 a kg. They are delicious!

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Rhonda Wilkinson said...

Yum! Eat some for me! I had them fresh for the first time in China this past summer. What a wonderful fruit! Praying for your move and adjustments.