Saturday, 22 September 2012


Our team leader made a true observation in our first month. "When you first arrive in this country, you work for the house. After a while the house starts working for you." :)
A few days after we arrived in Mozambique, our lovely single swivel kitchen tap/faucet started leaking A LOT of water. Nate spent heaps of time searching every hardware shop in town seeking a new washer. No one had one. Every shop owner informed Nate that he needed to buy a whole new tap. When all other options were up, Nate finally purchased a new faucet. It looked nice, but was, as Nate put it, "a piece of junk". While Nate was trying to attach the lovely shiny new tap it broke in four different places. Not exactly quality material! So swivel taps don't seem to be an option in this part of the country. Finally, Nate put together some spare parts to make this little beauty. Functionality over aesthetics. Gotta love it.

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