Friday, 27 July 2012

Success belongs to the LORD!

We are back from our week-long whirlwind trip around a few big cities in the USA. Thank you for praying! It was a blissfully uneventful trip as far as hiccups go. The car served us well and the girls did great over the few thousand miles we travelled. It was also a very successful trip and went far better than we hoped. The Lord can do more than all we ask or imagine!
Receiving my naturalization certificate
We drove from Michigan to Louisville, Kentucky first. I became a U.S citizen on Friday and now have duel citizenship with USA and Australia. Knowing that many people seek refuge under this nation's wing, it was an honour to have been granted it. 
The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed in the above room
 Next we drove to Philadelphia because that was the place that had the soonest appointment we could obtain for a same day USA passport for me. In the morning on Tuesday we touristed around the richly historic city and then received my passport by 4pm.
Independence Hall, PA
The Liberty Bell
That afternoon we drove to Washington D.C.. On Wednesday Nate went into the city to apply for same day Mozambican visas while the girls and I spent a much needed fun day with dear friends, the VanTines. Nate was not only able to get visas for all four of us by midday, he was also able to apply for visas for another African country that we'll have training in in October. The newest visas should arrive next week.
On Thursday we drove the 12 hours back to Michigan to spend our last week in the USA with Nate's family. The first thing the girls did after a week of driving was run and roll around on the grass. You can't blame them :) Lord willing, if our new visas arrive on time, we should be flying to Mozambique on Sunday, August 5th. It's going to be about a 3 day event with an 8 hour stop over in London and an 8 hour stop over in Johannesburg so prayers are still very much needed! :)

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